Small Businesses Need Workers Compensation Insurance

Last Week In Florida Kimberly Daise
January 31, 2018

Small Businesses Need Workers Compensation Insurance

Small Businesses Need Wrokers Compensation Insurance
By Kimberly Daise

A Better Choice for You
Scalability is one of the biggest challenges for small business owners in Florida, particularly when it comes to the financial needs of their employees. Without dedicated staff and departments to handle employee needs, issues arise. Often-overwhelming levels of paperwork required for things like workers compensation insurance mean that important forms and processes fall through the cracks, introducing liability. Thankfully, companies don’t have to pay for an expensive HR department to get comprehensive, reliable coverage; they simply nee.
Must-Have Protection, Simplified
To put it plainly, piecemealing extremely important business protections like workers comp coverage isn’t something that successful businesses do. Experienced companies know that any and all cost savings associated with cutting corners, particularly in industries like construction with high injury potential, could be completely wiped out by a single ill-timed employee lawsuit. If employees become gravely injured on the job, they should be compensated fairly; however, there’s no reason your business needs to be sacrificed to do so. Our services put you with the right providers to help streamline the process of both sides (carrier and Employer) getting you the right coverage at the right price. And we do so without the need to charge you inflate cost or large broker fees.
Start Attracting Better Talent
Naturally, you want the best employees for your business; they do the best work and have the most experience, after all. It’s worth considering, however, if you are positioning yourself as the right employment choice for them. Payroll is only a slice of compensation when the broad picture is considered, and review sites like Glassdoor have made it easy to research even small startup companies for information on culture and benefits. Providing workers compensation insurance helps you put your business and brand in the best light for attracting quality talent. When construction workers are going to work for you, knowing that they will be adequately and quickly compensated in the event of an accident adds considerable job security. Yes, worker’s compensation is a business cost, but how its handled — or not handled — by a business definitely colors potential employee perception.
Still the Best Option for Businesses
Even with the recent drop in some of Florida’s worker’s comp rate, there are still a number of hidden personal costs to consider when weighing which option of coverage to choose. Yes, the bottom-line costs can be reduced, but by using our services but additionally, we reduce the paperwork and HR staff needed.
Building a Better Future
Think of it this way: In construction, it’s crucial to lay an even foundation on graded land to ensure the stability of the structure above it. Our services for workers compensation insurance ensure that the structure — your business — is built on a solid foundation that won’t start shifting, sliding, or crumbling as you build it up. That’s valuable peace of mind when you’re busy adding floors and reaching new heights of success alongside your employees.
Don’t get caught in a tangle of paperwork and reports, and don’t leave your business exposed to the dangers of DIY workers comp. Trust us to get your business on the level, both literally and figuratively. Contact Ireti Workers Comp today to get a free quote, and breathe easier in 2019.

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