• Costinel Pasat, Max Home services LLC

    As a new roofing company, we thought we would never get coverage.  However, Ireti workers comp. provided us coverage and excellent service.  We have workers comp and payroll at a reasonable price. It was important to us to have a company that is responsive to our needs.  Ireti does just that.

    Juan Quiroz, Owner JJ Custom Painting & Interior Design Inc.

    I am saving so much time and frustration.  I no longer spend half a day dealing with weekly payroll and administrative matter.  I can now focus on sales and building my business.  More time to assure the focus is on growth rather than dealing with HR and payroll concerns.

    Additional,  Ireti  Workers Comp. saved us money.  They also saved us cost by reducing the workers comp rate and tax liability and we won’t have any end of the year audits.  We are saving $12,000 a year in cost alone.   “Less headaches and lower cost”

    Isaias Ubinas, Owner Total Maintenance Group Inc.

    So when I signed up, I was skeptical.  My business is small; we are just beginning to grow.  I was told I just need to run the payroll and they would take care of all the other administrative headaches.  And they do!   I get my calls returned, I get certificates on time, and when I have a question I get it answered.  It’s like having staff without Staff.  Thank You Ireti Workers Comp.

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