Workers Compensation Insurance

When you need it
No Minimums
Inconsistent payrolls- No Problem

Workers Comp. – As Needed, No Minimums:
A. WC certificate for 1 year (Bidding Certificate Only)
B. General Liability coverage for your employees

How it works: Pay as You Need It Program:

Each worker for your company would have to understand that technically they are the employee of the Contracting Service provider and not your business. Your business is the client of the Contracting Service provider. Your Business must supervise the workers and the complete management of the job.There is no minimum usage—However the agency would need and must be advised when you are working and who is working and when you are not working.This is necessary and required.This requires mandatory weekly reporting.Your Company will receive a workers comp certificate with your company Listed as the certificate holder. Simply what’s required:Report who is working and Run payroll when you are using the service. Report when you are not using the service.Simple, efficient and convenient.If you are interest complete the attached questionnaire. If you have any questions email us.

If you are interested complete the information form: