Benefits to the employer

The benefits of working with a PEO include

Registration and ongoing filings with your state’s unemployment agency

Obtaining employment-related insurance such as worker’s comp and EPLI

Maintaining compliant I-9 records

PEO’s have up-to-date compliance knowledge on changes regarding insurance, worker’s compensation, and employee law among more

PEO’s can pool their client’s employees to obtain better benefits and at lower costs than small companies can get on their own

Enables your business to rely on experts to handle payroll, benefits, compensation’s, and more.It enables the PEO to take on administrative obligations that your business would otherwise be required to take on. For example:

This leaves you with more time to concentrate or focus on your business

Being a member of a Professional Employer Organization will help you to control your employees’ compensation claims and costs while assisting you to resolve the safety issues. An effective PEO’s safety solutions can significantly help in promoting a high-return “culture of safety” at your company.

It can assist you

Select employees’ compensation plan coverage and reduce employees’ compensation premium rates by negotiating competitive plans with insurance firms.

Assess the safety of the office and develop a safety program that will enable you to prevent accidents.

Resolve claims promptly and efficiently.

Maintain interactions with injured employees.

Execute a return-to-work program that boosts worker morale and minimizes the span and cost of workers’ compensation claims.

Taken as a whole, these efforts would make a huge difference in the amount spent on workers’ compensation and indirect expenses of workplace injury.