Create A Safe Workplace

Create a Safe Workplace  Creating a safe place to work is the best ways to keep your employee’s accident-free. Not only does it lower your workers compensation cost and premium, but all your employees go home unharmed.   This will create an environment where not only do they look out for themselves but they will look out for each other and therefor the organization benefits.

A safe workplace all the employees working together to ensure that everyone on the site is following all safety procedures and wearing all safety gear.  This also includes examining the equipment to make sure it is functioning correctly and speaking up and reporting any known issues with equipment and anyone failure to follow safety procedures.

  1.  Look and Check for Hazards

Regularly check the workplace site for hazards and examine those things you already consider safely done. Just because it was safe last week does not mean it is safe this week. This includes regularly checking machinery and tools, as well as regular employee training on how to use, maintain and examine the tools.   Examine old tools very carefully.  Maybe they have not broken yet or no injury has occurred yet but the tool maybe old and worn.  Look closely, the hazard maybe there still.

      2. Employee Training

Train your employee to consider safety first and include them in regular training sessions even if they have been trained already. Try to focus the training on not just the use of the tool but also about identifying hazards, reducing the risk of accidents, near miss reporting.  By providing each employee with safety check reminders, you might even consider requiring  safety check reports to be done.  Whatever the employee job duties are make sue the employee knows that safely is as important as all the other duties.

  1. Get Employees Involved

Employee must be actively involved in safety so it is important to create an environment where the employees are recognized for their active involvement in the safety program.  The practice of safety measure at the workplace and to recognized and rewarded.  Consider have a monthly safety meeting to discuss and share the safety practices, including missing incidents and any incidents that have occurred.  Talk about trouble shooting and safety issues.  This impute directly from the employees is invaluable.  They are the ones in the field and using the tools and seeing the physical situation that exist on job sites.  This will allow to employees to share and feel vested in the safety of the workplace and know that the business is concerned about their safety.


The goal to a safe workplace is continually practice prevention