Employer – Safety Program

Employers: Effective Safety Programs
By: Kimberly Daise
Every employer should ideally want to reinforce their safety program and minimize workplace accidents. You can scale down your employees’ compensation exposure with an active and effective safety program. Since a substantial part of the amount paid for employees’ compensation premiums is based on the frequency of injury, the premium payments can be reduced with a dynamic safety program.
Within your organization, one person should be appointed safety manager working towards the complete implementation of a safety program. What matters most to the safety manager is the ability to inform, train and educate workers. Since lots of accidents at work can be directly linked to unsafe conducts, it is the safety manager’s duty to encourage employees to operate safely.
An aspect of the safety program should state written guidelines and steps to indoctrinate new workers, continue training and updating all employees, investigate accidents, require periodic inspections, give first-aid treatment and provide an effective return-to-work scheme.
The employer also needs to understand that an insurance provider has the right to inspect the safety of the business premise. An effective program calls for the involvement of all personnel. We can assist you to comply with the Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA). We can provide you with a safety consultant to enable you to apply safety programs and a lot more.
OSHA also offers information, training, and consulting services for employers. It provides publications designed to assist you with your safety program and compliance standards.
A good safety program is an important consideration for insurers when deciding whether and how to write insurance policy coverage.